Happy Hallowe’en!


Spo-fans know All Hallow’s Eve is Ur Truly’s favorite holiday. This morning I go to work with a bowl of Hallowe’en ‘trail mix’ to share with the staff. I wear a black shirt and Halloween bow-tie. I am surmounted by my Viking helmet, for 10/31 is the only day I run around town bedecked so.*

After work I rush home to prepare for the evening’s holiday block party. I’ve made my pumpkin dip.***  The three strata of candies are ready in their orange and black containers.** I am expecting around one hundred ‘beggars’ as Father likes to call them.  It should be jolly good fun, provided enough neighbors participate.

When the kiddies have all gone home to count their loot, Someone and I will watch a classic movie such as “The Haunting (1963)” or “Dracula”.  The former is an annual must-view; the later is a movie I have never seen in its entirety.  We will sip Haloween martinis made of black vodka.

I will get out the Tarot Cards and read all the requests.

If  there is any energy leftover I might read a ghost story or two. Perhaps I will merely think of my ancestors, thousands of years ago in the British Isles, who evoked the Druids to close the year and pray for the dead.   I like the notion of participating in something passed down from antiquity.

Thus ends October and thus ends the ‘year’ at Samhain.

Boo! and good night !



* Can you imagine the ‘new patients” when I come fetch them from the waiting room?
“Why don’t you come in my dear, I’ve been expecting you!”  :-)

** The “A” candy consists of black plastic cauldrons containing square chocolates wrapped in silver and gold; the “B” candy are fun-size snicker bars; the “C” candy is a dumdum pop.


*** Pumpkin Dip

1 15oz. can pumpkin
1 8oz package of softened cream cheese
1 cup (8 ounces) light sour cream
1 4 ounce can diced green chiles
¼ teaspoon garlic salt

1 15 0z. can diced tomatoes, drained.
1 can black olives – drained and diced
¼ cup finely chopped red onion
3-4 green onions. Sliced
2 orange bell peppers  diced

Tortilla chips

1- Combine pumpkin, cream cheese in a bowl. Spread into an 8×8 inch square dish.
2 – Combine sour cream, chiles, and garlic salt in a small bowl.  Spread over the pumpkin mixture.
3 – Top off with diced tomatoes, green and purple onions.

4 – cover all with enough diced orange pepper to make the ‘pumpkin face’

5- make a pumpkin face using the diced black olives

5b (optional) – do a little jig 3x counterclockwise around the kitchen island while chanting:

“Eye of newt and gopher knees; make this chip dip people please” and cross your eyes and click your heels three times for good measure.

6 – Refrigerate the dish for at least 2 hours. Serve with chips.

Would anyone like a small child? Usually The Board of Directors Here at Spo-Reflections communicates via email, but on special occasions they send a messenger for more important correspondences. These harbingers consist of gamines with large unblinking eyes and vacuous looks who say nothing at all but have the information written across their foreheads in magic marker. They never seem to leave; they are piling up. This one looks a bit menacing but he seems clean.  They don’t eat much, in fact I’ve never seen them eat anything at all. Please consider adopting a few:  they make unique status symbols, always good for supper invite.

The telegram from TBDHSR conveys auspicious news indeed. The Board (bless their nettlesome hearts) plans to round up The Muses, The Graces, The Fates, The Norns, The Furies, and The Skanks for a seminar on creative writing. Urs Truly could use such a lesson to improve his penmanship and prose. A vague but menacing pharmaceutical industry is willing to sponsor the conference. How on earth The Board is going to gather all these Goddess-energy Archetypes into the same room at the same time is beyond me.  I notice they didn’t say ‘when’ this is to occur. Perhaps the waif’s forehead wasn’t large enough to put out the details.

I hope the seminar to be located in some far-off city, preferably a burg near blogger buddies so I may visit them after the conclusion of the conference. TBDHSR are particularly parsimonious but with pharm-funds perhaps I can get something swanky.  I can’t imagine The Muses willing to stay in a Hotel 6** ; The Furies usually require a very large ballroom when they speak.*  I am glad not to have to make the menu.  I think the Graces are vegans while the Skanks prefer take out from KFC.  In general, pharm rep lunches are more appetizing and preferable to the Nordic cuisine provided by The Board (if the Holiday parties are any indication).

I will try to keep you abreast of any updates, either through yahoo.com or otherwise.


*When The Furies speak, portals to alternative times and universes open up and create quite a draft. Last time they attended a medical conference they unwittingly released a large group of Phororhacos, who attacked several doctors, curiously only those with Macs.  The conference was rescheduled.

**After all there are eight of them!

Video Snapshot-1In matters of helpful items, the backscratcher wins again for the fourth year in a row. As a reliever of itches it beats Someone by a country mile.

I have several bites on the right arm of unknown etiology. I have enough training to suspect horseflies or bedbugs or a small army of really ravenous chiggers. Vampire bats are not out of the question.

It’s a disappointing Halloween season for I had wonderful plans to decorate and do crafts and I’ve had no time to do any of them. Tomorrow I hope to get out some of the ghouls and ghosts just enough to make some sort of effort. We keep eating the “A” candy and have to buy more as soon as possible.

I am halfway rereading “Dracula”; I had forgotten how wordy gothic novels are. Conversations go on for many pages, talks which nowadays could be covered in a few simple text messages. I am beginning to have empathy for The Count who gets to sleep through the daytime and avoids these circumstantial garrulous chapters. In matters of helpful items, the backscratcher wins again for the fourth year in a row. As a reliever of itches it beats Someone by a country mile.

Speaking of reading I put down the paperwork long enough to get caught up with my blog reads. I was glad to see all doing well enough. Exception: Sean has gone private and I was not invited. I hope he is OK.

I’ve had no recent inspiration from any of the Archetypes/Goddesses who are supposed to help me out with blog entry notions. I’ve registered a complaint with The Board but even they seem to be out to lunch as it were. With that said this evening I might get a middle of the night theophony and I promise I will write it down and try to blow the ember into a fiery post. Or I might just write about the progression of my insect bites. One never knows these days. At least I have the backscratcher. Joy to itch in a minute, I always say

Viking Horns 2It was not a good day. The EHR (electronic health records) at work not working properly; it would have nervous breakdowns making it inoperable. There were many theories as to what went wrong; The EHR was infiltrated by Nargles or Gremlins;  someone in Seattle  (where it originates) spilled coffee onto the main dashboard. When in doubt, one can always blame Obama or Obamacare (especially if you live in Arizona). Regardless of the etiology it made for a most irksome day of erratic access; everything is behind. After ten hours of work I have several more ahead of me, trying to catch up. I have a handful of patients in various forms of solicitude wondering why I haven’t called them. Oh the tedium. So much for my hope of a quiet work-free evening.


Someone’s day was no better. He volunteers to take calls for ticket sales at a local theatre company. Over supper he described a day of dealing with telephone calls from the most awful sounding people. The amount of poor manners and scam-artists he has to put up with make my eyes cross.  At least when they see me and are that way I can give them mood stabilizers and thorazine.

People are getting on my nerves in general and I plan on avoiding as many as I can for the next few days. I pledge to turn off all news media for awhile. I’ve had enough bad news and alarmist headlines for now.

I am sure we will both feel better with more adequate sleep and less Yahoo/CNN/HP etc.  It’s Halloween; a classic scary movie may be a good remedy.  Perhaps one in which churlish teenagers and know-it-all pundits are eaten by zombies or 6 ft. tall bugs.  This sounds most salubrious.



This isn’t a true entry; I will scribble out a proper one this evening.


Meanwhile -

Would anyone like a Tarot reading on All Hallow’s Eve?    Thems are the best ones, after all!

Leave a ‘yes please’ in the comment section, along with your question


I can read a ‘general what’s happening” spread.

There is no charge.


Urs Truly has been quite busy (and no time for blogging, alas); we’ve had guests in this weekend. Fellow bloggers (and spo-shirt acolytes) Cubby and Nate came to town last Friday. Happily my flu recovered in time to receive them ; no travel ban was needed.


On Saturday Nate took us to Scottsdale where we met with two of his high school friends.  They were well over four feet. One of them lives in PHX. He and his partner live here in PHX, on the westside of town.  I gave them what Someone calls my ‘trick card’; perhaps we will see them again.

Cubby has never been to AZ; I took them to Sedona.  Them seemed to enjoy the splendid vistas and mesas.  No one was arrested.



We then went to Jerome, AZ, which is an old mining town on top of a mountain. It’s now a tourist spot. Saturday night was their annual Halloween dance, so the down was bedecked in spooky decor. We had luncheon at the Mile High Cafe, legendary for its healthy menu.




Cubby discovered my bottle of ‘Windex’ in the freezer so we’ve had some drinks. After a day of going up and down altitudes (2000-5000 ft.) we were tired all went to bed about 930AM (after all they are still on ‘eastern time’).


Today is the AIDS walk. Harper will have eight for her entourage.  I will post the minute they carry me back from the post-walk brunch.


Harper and her cortege will be walking this Sunday for the annual AIDS walk. 
If she brings in enough moola she wins a fabulous prize and all will be well. 

If she does not bring in enough $$ , she will be very unhappy, the angels will weep, and terrible things are will happen including the cancelation of “Big Bang” and Mr. Cruz becomes President. **

So if you haven’t clicked on Harper’s smiling face in the upper left corner to pledge, please please please do so. Every dollar is appreciated.

Stop the evil axis of Cruz-Harper-Ronald McDonald. 

Remember –  the one with the highest amount pledged wins this fabulous shirt-

Thank you !!!





** In Canada Mr. Harper will be reelected. In Europe Starbucks, McDonalds, and Chuck-e-cheeses will be erected on every street corner.

When I am sick I have no desire to eat or drink. My usual oh-so-good appetite implodes. “Force fluids” is a good idea other than I become the wicked witch of the west when it comes to wanting water.  However there are exceptions: I will get a fancy to eat something odd or outrageous. The rationale is at least it’s something. On his way to the grocery store, Someone asked me if he could get me anything. Yes, I replied: a tin of Spaghetti-Os and a tin of Chef Boyardee Mini-ravoli. My temperature was immediately taken to see if I had fever. No, I was not in a delirium.  Out of nowhere these comfort foods from my past sounded appetizing.

Mind! I haven’t had either of these delicacies since I was ten which is a good forty years ago. I wondered if they were still around, but they were. The cans were instantly recognized when they were unpacked.


There is something disgusting about canned pasta. I didn’t bother to read the ingredients but I suspect both are chock-full of sodium and hidden sugars. My nose is congested but I could discern just enough aroma from the opened tin to instantly remember the redolence.    I used to eat these things all the time, usually with grilled cheese sandwiches.  I was again ten years old sitting in the kitchen on Faircourt St.

The mini-ravoli had a lot more sauce in the tin than I recall. I suppose sauce is cheaper than ravoli. I put a few scoops in a microwave container and two minutes later I had a piping hot bowl of comfort. It tasted fair; this is not ‘quality’ food, but it was satisfactory.

As is my wont I read while I eat which leads to spills. Sure enough, I dropped a ravioli down my front. It hit the counter corner with a good ‘splat’ and landed on the floor, much to the delight of Harper, who was waiting for just that.

I hope by tomorrow I have recovered enough to return to work. I wonder if by then my unnatural cravings will have dissipated to the point of not wanting the Spaghetti-Os. The can now sits in the pantry, waiting to comfort me whenever I should be in need of such.


Man With The Flu Cartoon Clip ArtI have the flu; I am staying home.

This flu is especially vile, with fevers and chills, lung congestion, fatigue, and personal guilt. In hindsight it’s been developing for a few days. Last night the rockem-sockem roller coaster temperatures knocked me out like a sixteen ton weight had fallen on me. Nothing to be done, really but rest and push fluids.

I have not stayed home sick in years for to do so makes quite a mess. The office doesn’t open until eight, which is when the first patients arrive. The staff will have to deal with many disgruntled patients, some of them traveled a long way to make an appointment now canceled. I feel sorry for the evaluations which must be rescheduled. It is not uncommon for them to tell me they have been waiting two or three months to have their appointment.

Staying home sounds pleasant but I feel awful and I really can’t do much. I will be in Someone’s way. I’ve often wondered what he does while I’m at the office; now I can find out. His nursing skills are subpar, alas. What I mean is when I’m sick I want somebody to fawn and cosset me (after all I am a Cancer). Last night as I lay delirious with fever he was miles away in the next room absorbed in “The Big Bang”.  True there was nothing to be done, but I liked the notion the world can’t enjoy itself while I languish.

But it is an ill wind that blows nobody good. Today I can read books and blogs. I can write. It feels odd not working on a wednesday.  I will do my best.

Next week I was scheduled to get a flu shot.  The horse is out of the barn on that one.


The house is bewitched; there is no other explanation. Lately various household appliances become inoperable only to later regain their function. Last week the refrigerator water-dispenser mysteriously ceased working for five days; the ice machine did likewise the week prior.  We’ve been waiting for the electrician (or somebody like him) to show up to address why there is no power in the laundry room, but last weekend the juice came back on without fanfare. Even my cell phone is doing odd things. I’ve lost Scrabble and the email is being difficult.  There is no rhyme and reason to it all. A closet door, which had been nearly inoperable for over a year, suddenly slides with ease as if newly installed.

It is Hallowe’en; a poltergeist as explanation would be apropos. Henrik is normally not mischievous, so I doubt he’s behind it all. The intermittent functioning appliances are so far merely a nuisance. We’ve not had any major blow ups (or voices telling us to get out).  All the same, I wish it would cease. I am growing weary of turning something on and wondering if the wretched thing will work or not.

Yesterday a pigeon hit the dining room window with a ‘thunk’ loud enough to wake the dog and strong enough to shake the chandelier. My intuition tells this is tied into all of this somehow.  I’ve seen Amityville Horror; I know what goes on.

I don’t suppose there is time to get in an exorcist or shaman before the weekend guests arrive this Friday. It would be rather unsettling for them to witness the dishes flying across the room. Perhaps tonight I will light a few candles and say a prayer to the spirit(s) and ask them to lay off at least until next weekend. Then they can bring the house down for all I care.  We are known in the neighborhood for our fabulous Hallowe’en decorations.

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