This was written a few days ago, on Microsoft word, in draft form. It was ‘cut and pasted’ into the blog . This is a big achievement for me. That noise I hear in the background better not be snickering – it may be peanuts to you but until January last, I did not even know what a blog was. It is no ‘wah-wah’ moment as in Hellen Keller, but it was a sense of mastery.

Mastering something I have never thought of doing (or thought possible) makes for a nice feeling. I have not felt this sort of satisfaction since I learned how to make Hawaiian shirts. About five years ago I was in mourning, for the seamstress who made me my annual holiday shirt was going out of the business. No more shirts! Several friends (with an eye and talent for clothes and sewing) pointed out if junior high school girls can learn to do a pattern, so could I. Partially out of spite, I took up the challenge. I have never sewn, discounting my time in the medical school’s surgery/ER rotations. The first shirts were not very good. It was a disapointment. But hey, I was trying.

Four years later I have made two dozen shirts, each one better in quality. Full of colour and flare, there is not a quiet one in the collection. No pastels; nothing subtle. I love them and the feeling they bring to see a shirt coming together. I doubt they are ‘fashion’, but perhaps they are style (mine anyway).

Some time later in my technology education I hope to master photos. I want to put these shirts up here, one at a time.
If anyone has any suggestions how to do this (hopefully simple) matter, please let me know.

Now, I should tackle the six thousand dollar new stereo/TV system, which I can’t even figure out how to turn on. I have named it “Hal”.