It is October – the month of Hallowe’en.
This is the shirt I made last year. Over the years I have sewn banners, quilts, and costumes. The yoke is a quilt of these various Hallowe’en projects. It is one of my better-made shirts. Now that I live in Phoenix I can wear this short sleeved shirt without freezing.

The Tarot Card of the month is The Devil. This warns me not to be taken in by illusions and woes that aren’t really that bad. Be wary this month of seemingly overwhelming demons.
At this time of year I break out the Hallowe’en Tarot deck and get a daily reading right up until the big day.

When I was a lad, Hallowe’en was just as important and exciting as Christmas. I took the holiday very seriously. I have many positive childhood memories from this holiday. The school parades, the costumes, going ‘begging’ with my brothers and father. We kids would start to plan our costumes and activities as early as August. Being the oldest and the queer, I designed and created everyone’s costumes. .

Something archaic in me bubbles up at this time of year. It must be all my latent Celtic blood. It wants me to celebrate the ‘end of the year’ with feasting, decorating and solemnities.

No doubt I’ll write a lot about the holiday this month.
So that’s the October almanac.
Only 30 days to Samhain.