It is November
I associate each month with a colour. November is “Brown”. When I lived in the Midwest all seemed brown out of doors with the removal of the black and orange of October. But it was not a depressing month. With the excitement of approaching holidays – and the hopes of snow – I liked November. While others are getting ‘SAD’, mine lightens up.
This my ‘Bear” shirt. I found the fabric in Alaska. I was very pleased with this very early creation. I wore it to Bear events. Last year in Palm Springs I learned a shirt made from the same fabric is now commercially available. At first I was thrilled; I created something that became ‘fashion’. I was ahead of a trend! Then I realized my homemade shirt now seems a sloppy version of the commercial one.   I don’t wear it out much anymore.

The November Tarot Card is 2 Wands. This means looking forward to something new arriving, maybe at work/activity. Overall a good card; of anticipation.

Well folks, this may be my last blog entry for a while.
After work I have to pick up the new suit, go home, pack and get ready for tomorrow’s flight to Michigan. Spo-fans should recall Brother #4 marries this weekend. He is fortunate that all the aunts and uncles are coming, including all but one cousin. I will be glad to see all my relatives, for I like my family.

I get to read a poem at the wedding.
I promised Someone I would not to upstage the bride in being more radiant than she.

Have a good weekend. I hope our Midwest blood hasn’t thinned out too much after 2 years in Arizona. Send us warm thoughts so we don’t ‘freeze’ in Michigan!