It is December. Today is AIDS day. One of my first patients was “Oscar”. Oscar died of AIDS. He was the first of many.

This is the “Bamboo” shirt, made from fabric found in Key West. It is from my ‘early’ period (when I was still learning how to use a sewing machine).

It is the month of Someone’s birthday. Being close to Christmas it makes it tough to think of a birthday prize for him. In recent years I have given gadgets, like ipods and fancy watches. I can’t think of anything so far. Anyone have any suggestions?

It is getting cold here in Arizona – down below freezing in the evening time. The news is treating it like the arrival of a hurricane. We have yet to turn on the heat but we will in a few days if this keeps up.
We haven’t put up the Christmas decorations yet; we haven’t had the time. The Christmas CDs are playing – I have a few I like for the ‘early part’ of the season. I reserve a few for more around the Christmas week.
I haven’t done any Christmas shopping – time to get cracking.

The Tarot Card for the month is The Chariot – and none too soon! The Chariot means success and victory through hard work – and mastery of the balance of light and darkness.