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This will be my first year with an artificial tree.

When we lived in Michigan we had two trees, sometimes chopped down by ourselves, but usually purchased in a snowy white garden lot. The fresh trees and the sprigs made the house smell lovely. I was in charge of keeping the trees watered. After the holidays I always chopped up the trees for wood. It was a good system.

I recall maybe 20 years ago or so my mother proposing that we get an artificial tree. You would have thought she was proposing roasting children. The Horror! So it never happened. Actually, we four boys had a little artificial tree. It was very old, small, poorly made, and assembled in 5 minutes. We kids set it up in the basement for our homemade ornaments from church school projects.
That was what artificial tree meant to me < small, cheesy and not at all like the real thing.   I’ll have the real thing thank you.

Then we moved to Arizona.

We were told early on about the difficulty with having a real tree. They are dry to begin with, and quickly go bad. Last year we were determined to get a real one. We waited until the last minute. I worked real hard at keeping it watered. It came down about 2 days after Christmas (I like a tree up for New Years’ Eve). It was a lot of effort, and left me tired.
So right after last years’ Christmas, we bought a fake tree in one of those after Christmas sales. It has been sitting unopened for a year in its box, in the garage, waiting for its debut. It hasn’t seen light since some one in China packed it up.

I am not sure of this. There is a Trojan Horse element of a nonspecific sort that leaves me dubious. I’d be lying though if I said I was going to miss the cutting/sweeping of pine bits and the daily waterings.
We set it up this weekend.
So, does anyone have an artificial tree, and are there any ‘tips’ to them?

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