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I’ve been to Michigan and back again.
I was home for a funeral. My great Aunt Margaret “Peg” died this week. She was 96.

A remarkable woman! She did not take any medication in her life. She wasn’t ‘against them’ – she simply did not need any! Her blood pressure, cholesterol, and thyroid functions were good; her joints were OK; she wasn’t in pain. She merely died of ‘old age’.
She was the youngest of 5 children, my grandfather being #3 of 5.
Aunt Peg was the family genealogist. She was proud of our roots, which she traced back to 1630 to England and beyond. (Like Prior Walter in “Angels of America”, we are a long descended WASP family from New England and England). When I showed interest, she was thrilled to share it with me. So we two were the keeper of the family history records.
Our only quibble was she liked the good, noble heroic deeds of our ancestors. I liked the dirt and scandals.

I had forgotten she was a professional model in her youth. During the 1930s and 40s she had photographs in national magazines like LIFE. I’ve seen a few; she is stunning. She resembled Norma Sherrer. Aunt Peg kept her looks too. Lucky woman.

We laid her to rest in Oakland County in Michigan – in a cemetery where the last 7 generations of my ancestors lie buried. She is buried near John R (who came to Michigan in 1780), and his descendants John A. , Edward J. , Klebar, Edward G. and Edward G.
Edwards G was my grandfather; my father is Thomas R.– and then there is I. I am generation #12.

She was the last of that “10th generation”. Now my parents are in the ‘oldest generation’ and I am in the middle generation.

I will miss her.

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