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We have just finished putting up the Christmas lights.

We remain a couple.

Nothing is so irksome and removes the holiday spirit as putting up Christmas lights.

In our neighborhood, the neighbors put up lights the day after Thanksgiving. They put up lots. Nothing is subtle in our neighborhood. Someone is far more neurotic about ‘what will the neighbors think?” so the our ‘dark’ house on the block was making him anxious. So, out came the lights.
Naturally, the precise way I put the lights away last year was to no avail. I wonder if there is some evil Christmas Elf (or Gnome) whose job it is to tangle these things into knots. This task of untangling is the nadir of the holiday. Then there is the unpleasant discovery of which ones are no longer light up. Three of the four strands of the “better” lights (purchased at Bronner’s, no less!) are half out each. I was for putting up less lights. Rather, we drove all over town to find the replacements and more.
Then comes the ladder, the mixmatched orders to each other, and the spats about what should go where/I don’t care you make the decision. By the end we are both cross and ready to strangle each other with the cords we could not untangle.
But it is all up. Then comes the ‘hook up’. We have two outside outlets so the massive amounts of fabulous is going through two holes.
Tonight we turn it on and see how good or hideous it is.

Now I need a nap.
I’ll catch up on my blog reads this evening when I can focus my eyes…….

My best friend moved to rural Wisconsin. Whenever I call him he badgers me to move there (after all, it is the Badger state). We should close down Arizona and move to Wisconsin and start ‘Chapter Two” of life. He is clever that he puts out all the right baits. There will be seasons again and acres of cheap land next door to grow organic vegetables. We could set up a Bed and Breakfast (how about the name “Bachelor Boys Bed and Breakfast”?). I would be closer to Chicago, friends, and family. Oh, the list goes on.
And, I could even practice medicine as a solo practice again. On my terms.
It all sounds attractive. Peter Pan take me away!

Being of Midwest conservative stock, I have always taken the ‘safe’ routes. I went to college rather than traveling the world. I went to medical school rather than some alternative jobs that I fancied. I took a comfortable State job rather than going into psychoanalysis. I work for others rather than figuring out how to make it on my own.

I admire people in life and literature who have the courage to say “The present situation is not acceptable. It will not to continue. I will move on.” They make changes, even if it means walking into the unknown without security. I have never done that apart from coming out. (which was liberating beyond words).
Most of these courageous people had nasty knocks on the way, but many go onto fulfilling their Self.

I fear I will turn into “Randy” rather. Randy was a friend who wasn’t happy in his 20 year old job. He ground his teeth on the way to work, and ground his teeth on the way home each Friday, knowing it would start up again on Monday. He came alive and was happy in other things. But he would never make the changes to make the other things ‘his life’. Why not? Security. He wanted a sure income and the familiar. So far as I know he is still there – either depressed or heading for a heart attack.

I suspect something will change in 2007. Someone is not happy with his job and is looking for a change. This will mean another move for us.  Perhaps ‘Chapter Two” will be so?

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