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The artificial tree is up and the lights work, but it remains half ‘spread’ and the other half looking like it just came out of the box for the first time – which is true. We’ve been concentrating on the lights outside to do the inside work. How odd to see tree half out of its box…..

Speaking of lights, we re-wired the outside spectacle and did not blow a fuse last night. We were pleased.

Thank goodness for the internet and catalogs from which I do most of my Christmas shopping these days. I still have to find prizes for the four nieces and nephews. Someone and I are on a budget for each other and I am half way done with that list.

And now for some James Joyce like prose;
I am playing the Christmas CDs each year I tend to get one more but Someone tried to put a stop to that but I’ll fix your wagon you want Christmas music I’ll give you Christmas music Partridge Family Christmas CD there we are (or Donny and Marie) and Yes I said Yes I will Yes.
As I am also found of Dickens, I naturally read A Christmas Carol. Charles would be a bit annoyed to know this is his most popular work. There is more “ghost story” than seen in the TV and movie versions.

My favorite ‘new’ tradition is Dylan Thomas “A child’s Christmas in Wales”.
My favorite ‘old’ tradition is “Eloise at Christmastime” by Kay Thompson.

Would someone send us some snow?

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