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This “How Does That Make You Feel?” is about Las Vegas, which I call Lost Vegas.  This weekend is Someone’s birthday. We are driving to Lost Vegas. It is our first time to drive there, but if Steve at WhirlyWorld can do it, so can we.

As the weekend is all about the birthday boy we are going to a casino resort, of which he is fond. Someone likes to gamble, and he is very good at it – not that he always wins but he allots so much money for it; money he considers the ‘money to play’ for the pleasure it derives. If he wins, great! If he looses, well, that’s the amount he chose for the entertainment of gambling. I don’t gamble as I am a sore loser. I just know there is some one at security laughing at my loss and saying ‘sucker!”.

We have a friend who lives there (he works at the Wynne). We will see his house and neighborhood, so we’ll see more than just the strip.

We will see “Ka” by Cirque de Soliel. We like Cirque. We enjoyed “O”; we did not care for “Zoomanity” for a couple of topless tarts swimming in a large champagne glass does not float our boat. We hope Ka is better.

I don’t gamble but I enjoy watching people gamble and Lost Vegas is chock full of entertaining people and not just on stage.

I can’t make up my mind about Lost Vegas. It is either marvelous or a nightmare or both. I suspect a casino resembles the first level of Hell, with its bright lights, noise, smoke, crowds and even more noise.
I have been to Lost Vegas two times; the 1st time I stayed at The Bellagio, and the 2nd time at Mandelay Bay. This 3rd time (for the experience) we will try The Luxor ( I will think of Morgen at Blog Eat Blog World).

A trip to Lost Vegas – “How Does That Make You Feel?”

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