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Ghost of Christmas Past

My favorite TV special was “Rudolph”
My favorite carol was “Deck the Halls”
My favorite decoration was a wreath.
My favorite Christmas food was gingerbread cookies
We would go on an annual trek to Bronner’s in Frankenmuth Michigan. An unwritten Michigan law requires all to go there once a year around Christmas time for chicken dinner and shopping.
My family once put out beer and pretzels for Santa. Feedback was he was pleased for the difference. I recall putting out some carrots for the reindeer too.
The childhood tree had big screw in bulbs. The bulbs were kept in an old KFC bucket in the basement.
There was a strict rule of ‘how early’ we kids could get up and descend on the loot. My brothers often woke at 5AM and tried to pass the time with board games until the ‘hour’.
Our Christmas stockings were made from some sort of Woman’s magazine pattern. I still have mine.
The Christmas season began with the church’s annual potluck dinner and Christmas workshop. The later is where you made handmade ornaments. My mother tells me her the church still does this, 40 years later.
Once we looked up from Christmas tree decorating to see Santa Claus peeping in! My brother and I went into hysterics.

Ghost of Christmas Present
My favorite TV special is the “Grinch”.
My favorite carol is “In the Bleak Midwinter”.
My favorite decoration is holly leaves.
We have a large, silver, Pottery Barn reindeer candelabra. It has 10 little globe candles to go on the antlers. I light it only on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
I miss having a real wood burning fireplace.
Someone likes to go to the movies on Christmas day – a new concept for me.
This year I play ‘midnight mass’ bell choir at 4PM. We go next door to the neighbors for Christmas eve dinner.

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
My favorite TV special will be Project Runway Xmas
My favorite carol will be Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
My favorite Christmas food will be Snowman Peeps.
My favorite decoration will be cheap Christmas trash.
I hope next year to be home in Michigan for Christmas.
Santa Claus will give me what I really want hohoho.
(remember these are shadows of what Christmas may be only; I read that somewhere).

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