1. I stutter when I get to excited or have too many thoughts I want to say simultaneously.
2. I am 5ft 10.5 inches tall. That’s for the bean counters who want to know how really tall I am.
3. My favorite living composer is Arvo Part.
4. I have a Haida Bent Box. It will some day contain my ashes.
5. Remembering the date I went ‘on line’ is easy. I dialed up to see that Princess Diana died in a car accident. I thought it was a joke.
6. I have not been to 6 States; Vermont, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas.
7. Guilty comfort food oh so delicious but oh so nasty < Ramen Noodles.
8. I was harassed throughout grade, junior and into high school. Two of the bullies are now dead from reckless living. The other is an alcoholic. I earn six figures.
9. Lunch is a lonely time. The majority of them I eat alone, so I read a lot.
10. In 2007 I hope to go to Costa Rica, Oshkosh Wisconsin, a family reunion, and the annual trek to Canada.
11. Someone would like his own pet, so a puppy may arrive next year.
12. My father is a ‘boat nerd’. This means he adores and watches the freighters going up and down the Great Lakes. We kids knew how to identify freighters rather than cars.
13. At family get togethers, we often look at old slides from the 60s to 80s. Half of them are photos of freighters.
14. My mother is an amateur singer. She is an Alto. She does not like pieces by Francis Poulenc. I do.
15. Speaking of Poulenc, my favorite opera is “Dialogues of the Carmelites”. The ending is one of the most dramatic and moving things in music/on stage.
16. My favorite vintage Diva is Ethel Waters.
17. My favorite vintage group is The Boswell Sisters. (especially Connie)
18. My nephew was born on 4/23, which is Shakespeare’s birthday. So I tend to give him books and literature for his birthday. He’s was the only 6yo I know who could quote Macbeth.
19. The woman who inspired me into going to medicine was my pediatrician. I am very certain she was a dyke.
20. I want very much to see the great Aztec Calendar that is in the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City, but I am too fearful to travel to Mexico City.
21. I collect rubber stamps.
22. At family reunions I am the only one who can explain the ‘first cousin/second cousin/first cousin once removed etc.” connections. This is clear for me; no one else gets it.
23. I am avoiding reading “The Pickwick Papers” as it is the last major work of Dickens I have yet to read. After that there is no more.
24. I miss planting daffodils in the fall. I love daffodils in the spring time.
25. We turned on the heat yesterday. Our Midwest blood is thick enough still to delay the Arizona furnace this late.
26. Speaking of Arizona, Phoenix has the nastiest drivers I have ever seen, and I have been to Boston.
27. 2006 overall was not a good year. I hope 2007 is better.