It is the Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year. My ancestors (all from northern climates) would celebrate with fires and lights ย to welcome the return of the Sun. Springtime is around the corner and new life. Just as it is the darkest; the light returns.
I like the Winter Solstice. I light a few candles ย and I think.
I think my last entry upset and worried some when I said 2006 was overall a bad year. I think I was having a bad day and ruminating on the World’s Woes too much.
Rodger at RodgetDodger recently reminded me in a few comments that life ain’t too bad. Thank you Rodger and others for reminding me that 2006 was the year I fell down the rabbit hole into that fabulous Wonderland of Blogging. I have enjoyed it a great deal. I have grown fond of my fellow bloggers. I very much look forward to reading them each day. I laugh at their jokes. I get sad when they hurt. While I have never met or talked to any of them (so far) I consider them friends. I am thankful for all of you.
So these are good thoughts on this darkest of days. I welcome the Sun and a ‘new year’ with hopes of growing friendships. Who knows, I may meet one or two of you!

Please stop by on Christmas; I will have virtual Christmas ‘prizes’ for everyone.