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Merry Christmas to all!

If I were able, here are the Christmas prizes I would give each of you today.

MEK at Bear in a Box – his own theatre and a new job.

The Persian at Becoming Visible –a new job tied up with a beau.

Dr. Benton Quest and Nick – all heating bills paid for

Morgan at Blog Eat Blog World – a trip to Cairo

Bunny at Bunny Lynn Boofy – a truckload of glitter

Heather at Butterfly in Disguise – a weekend alone at a spa resort

Captain Caveman – a plane ticket to the US to meet some of his fans (Florida or Arizona)

Steve at Chez Stephen – Chocolate for days

Mark at CityWoof – good health, and a six pack of real RUSH

Eileen at Cliffie’s Notes – a paid vacation to the Great Barrier Reef

Daniel at Dan in the Desert – a photo album for all those lovely shots.

Dan at DanNation – oh he has everything so a shopping spree at IKEA to see the aliens.

David at David’s Daily Drama – 2 front row tickets to the Diva concert of his choice

Will at DesignerBlog – dinner with Martin Katz and David Daniels

Steve and Chris at Devious Steve O– warm clothing and firewood for NH living

Jock at Dishonesty Honesty – he still needs a hug; that, and a new house in a different location, perhaps out of state/out of Arizona.

Robert at The Gay Spot
– good health

Doug at Gossemer Tapestry – a fen permanently cleared of buckthorn.

Lemuel at Greedy Maelstrom – a classroom full of bright students in 2007

Homer at Homer’ World – A trip to Crete to see the Bronze Age Ruins.

Pete at It’s Just Nothing – Something

Jason at Let’s Say You’re Right –a weekend at the Plaza in NYC for two

Tony at Life’s Colorful Brushstrokes – a Palm Springs Weekend with Youknowho

Greg at Life in a Day – a new book store

Foxy Stone and Lo– 100g bag of Margaret’s Hope 2nd growth Darjeeling Tea

Maddog in the City – A kingsize, titanic, unsinkable Molly Brown tank of Diet Cola, and towels in every colour of the rainbow.

Maggie at Maggie’s – A trip to Mexico right about now.

Joe at Mind of the Bear – some resolution in 2007.

Bigg at My Confessions – also some resolution in 2007.

Bruce at Not So Different – Something Different all right;

John at Open a Window – 2 weeks off to study for his boards

Andrew at The Other Andrew –A plane ticket to US to meet us all

Derek and Mike at Past, Present, and Future – another one who has everything, so how about a weekend for two in Alaska to see the Kodiak bears?

Michael at Pipedreams – a hot date

Scott at Purple Twinkie – real black licorice

Kelly at Rambling Stern View – a tripod for his digital camera

Rodger at Rodger Dodger – packets of heirloom seeds from

Scott and Buckaroo at Scott-O-Rama – another set who have everything, so a shopping spree at Nordstrum’s for these two.

Bruce at Senseless – a vacation to swim with the dolphins

Deanos at Some Call it Love – a weekend for two at the Plaza.

Joshua at Smiley – a rented convention resort to host a weekend of bloggers from GMR

Keith at Sorted Lives – crab legs for days and a beau

Brett at Spider’s Web – bread pudding for days and a beau for him too. (or a rental?)

Steve at Steve’s WhirlyWorld – a new job and a buyer for his condo.

Michael at Temporary Trouble Spots – an all expense paid week to Palm Springs in February.

Hanuman at Tiger by the Tale –a dinner with Shah Rukh Kahn, or psychiatric papers to commit Mumsy to Belleville (you choose Haunuman; Sophie’s Choice!).

Wenchy at WenchyStar – all vet expenses paid for in 2007

Joel at Would I? – a boyfriend just like one in his photos.

Ynager65 – horseshoe sandwiches for days

And for everyone and anyone I forgot peace in 2007.

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