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I write my reflections mostly ahead of time, when there is a ‘No Show’. A “No Show” is a patient who does not appear or calls to cancel. It happens frequently in medicine but perhaps more so in psychiatry as there is more ambivalence about seeing this sort of doctor. “No shows” evoke a positive emotion – they give me time to return calls/write ‘scripts or take a break.

I am glad 2006 is winding down. When I look back on 2006, it was overall a fatiguing. I still write a diary. At the end of each year I read these journals to recap and remember the year. This year’s read evoked a ‘how dull’ reaction. Apart from some pleasant trips, the rest of the year (my daily life) wasn’t very interesting. Mostly it was work and the effects of long work hours. I try not to record a lot of details about work in my journal book – and I’ve put much of my philosophical writing into this blog rather. So the diary is sparse.

I arrive at the end of 2006 feeling tired. I am not in good shape. I used to be much better with exercise and yoga. Everything in Phoenix is a car trip and through lots of traffic – between the driving effort and the work hours, I’ve had less time to exercise. I need to do better in 2007 or I will be dead by 50.

On the positive, the budget for the year ended ‘in the black’ with some money put away for retirement. I earned more this year than in the past years. I’ll have to calculate if my charity donations increased in proportion. When I have money fears, I tend to get cheap.

The end of the year brings in the seed catalogs. These make me excited and hopeful.
These brightly coloured photographs of flowers and vegetables evoke dreams of far off spring gardens. I don’t garden much any more (this being Arizona). But I try to do something. Hot peppers in pots, and container tomatoes. I may have to forgo the heirlooms for (ugh) hybrids developed for small pots and containers.

We were to go to Palm Springs for New Year’s Eve but our usual spot wanted a 5 day minimum stay. Stinko. So we are likely to stay home.

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