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Spo-fans know I like to grow vegetables, and heirloom tomatoes are my favorite.
If you are planning a garden next year, may I suggest you try some of these!

Matina or Stupice or Sophie’s Choice – these are my ‘early’ tomatoes.
Most early tomatoes are bred to put out soon but have no taste. These 3 have real tomato taste. Back in Michigan I had toms as early as June.

Anna Russian
Box Car Willie
German Red Strawberry

Choose one of these old fashioned ‘red’ tomatoes. More dear to me than rubies

Cherokee Purple – My favorite ‘purple’ tomato. Legend has it the Cherokee People developed it. This tomato has a purplish skin and a smoky taste. However, it doesn’t make a good sauce as the sauce is brown!

Opalka – best ‘paste’ tomato. Polish tomato shaped like a large hot pepper, it hardly has any seeds or juice. They are excellent for saucing.

Brandywine (Sudduth’s strain) My favorite ‘pink’ tomato, and one of the best tasting tomatoes I know. But get Sudduth’s strain as there are many cheap imitations. I suppose if you only had room for one tomato it would be this one. However, they don’t put out much fruit in erratic weather. So I put in a few plants to make certain of enough produce.

Reisentraube – a cherry tomato that puts out – a lot. Almost foolproof, the countless cherries have real tomato taste (unlike the nasty things in the supermarket).

Nebraska Wedding – My favorite orange tomato. I love the sound of its name too.
If you can’t get this one, try Kellogg’s Breakfast or Earl of Edgecombe.

Marizol Gold – a tomato that has gold/red/yellow and orange colouring throughout. Very pretty on a plate. Alternative; Hillbilly Potato Leaf.

Manyel – prettiest, bestest yellow tomato there is.

Green Zebra – small green and yellow striped toms with a bit of ‘zest’.

Noir de Crimee – my favorite ‘black’ tomato. It is really dark red with green jelly. I’ve heard it called the world’s ugliest best tasting tomato. (Sometimes it is called Black Krim)

Omar Lebanese – just for fun. This variety produces “Monster” size tomatoes! We’re talking several pounds. But they are also delicious.

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