It is a new month – and a new year!   May it be a good one for all of us.
January’s shirt is my Yellow Shirt. I made it specifically for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica. I call it the ‘3 Bs” shirts – Boys, Butterflies, and Bears – as it has some of each on the yoke. I like the colour yellow; it is a very cheerful colour.

January is usually the month when I start to organize the seed catalogs and put together a garden. Now that I live in Arizona, I start my garden now. This year I am using collected seeds from previous years. I am taking a chance to see if anything germinates. I will limit my garden to peppers (sweet and hot) and tomatoes.

I did a ‘year’s spread’ of the Tarot; one card/month. I now have enough decks to pull one card for each month. The Tarot Card of the month of January is the Strength card.  I am not feeling too strong these days so I will focus on what strengths I have.

I look forward to a year of blogging, and hearing how everyone else’s year goes.