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My goodness I came up with gobs of New Year’s Resolutions!
Many were leftovers from 2006 – resolutions that did not quite warrant as ‘met’.

Here are a few of them –
1 I’m leaving this one blank lest my mother read this.
2 I need to return to exercising 3x a week, even if it means a half hour walk
3 I want to gain some bulk, especially in the legs; so it is hit the gym time.
4 I promise Someone that I will not leave shoes and half consumed glasses sitting around the house.
5 I also promise Someone not to ‘talk’ to each other when we are on the other sides of the house. I am a bit hard of hearing, and the shouts back and forth of ‘what?” and clarification are not efficacious to communication.
6 Both the piano and the pan pipes want practice.
7 No more Ramen Noodles or nasty Chips!
8 Drink more red wine.
9 Meet at least one blogger in person.
10 Continue to squirrel away each month some money to the SEP.
11 Take a cooking class.
12 Redecorate the guest room (it still has the previous owner’s children’s murals on the wall).
13 Attend an opera I have never heard before (Santa Fe Opera may be the answer for this one).
14 Daily stretches
15 Try to entertain/host some sort of social do each month, even if it means having a chum or a couple over for a simple dinner.

If all goes well, I should be musical, studly, limber, and more in touch with my inner-Martha Stewart, by 2008!

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