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The Muses are still away on their holiday with the Fates. They are skiing in Colorado but the Furies snowed them in (bitches).  So I am left without inspiration. I am drawing a blank.

Long time friends of Spo know 2006 was my first year at blogging. I ‘met’ dozens of people. I discover more all the time. It is thrilling. I seem to be growing friendships with dozens of far-flung correspondents.

The flip side to this positive process is the half dozen bloggers in 2006 who have gone away. I suppose blogging is like any other hobby; people’s interests in it wax and wane.
I appreciated that a few explained their departure – it left me with some closure and no worry they were abducted by aliens. A few came back to my delight; apparently ‘refreshed’ and ready to do more.

A few of them have simply disappeared without explanation. Would you believe my feelings were hurt? It is like starting to read a novel that seemed good – only to have it yanked away. There is a feeling of loss. I go back to these stopped blogs and check from time to time, to see if they came back. I get to know someone – only to have them go away without a word. In a ‘real world’ social setting, my Midwest upbringing immediately would go to ‘did I do something wrong?” There is nothing like a blank slate on which to project fantasies, probably mostly untrue (but the truth is not disclosed).

Still, I hope that the 5-6 bloggers that seem ‘gone’ do come back in 2007.
For I did like to read them.

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