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Yesterday the Gay Rodeo was in town. Someone and I volunteered to man the Bears of the West Booth for 2 hours. I wanted to look good for the club, so I got out my cowboy hat (from my two-stepping days), a cowhide shirt, tight jeans, and black boots. Apparently the ‘good impression’ worked a bit too well. No one signed up to join but I was cruised by several people. A few gave me their cards. A fellow from Utah was rather fresh- right in front of Someone which made Someone a bit cross.
This morning at breakfast, while wearing a rather nondescript shirt, our young waitress commented how good I looked. “You get hit on by everyone” Someone said.   So I am getting in touch with “my inner-Musetta” it seems. I’ve not been to a rodeo before (in contrast to Someone, who kept quoting something from “Mommie Dearest”). It was not well attended. I suspect because it was cold. “Cold” means 40 degrees or less. (5 degrees for my Candian chums). While I may hear snickering from those in Montana or Michigan or Canada, this is very cold for Arizona and we are chilly.

My tomato seeds are germinating, but no pepper seeds so far; this makes sense as it is only a week since they were planted.

Joshua of Smiley fame sent me an invite to join WordPress (the dear!). If I can figure out how to translate this blog over without a massive loss of data I will do so.

We made our holiday plans for 2007. (so far) they consist of going to Oshkosh WI, Western Michigan, at least one trip to Chicago, 2x to various parts of Ontario, Santa Fe, and of course Costa Rica. The later is less than 3 weeks away.
Doug at Gossemer Tapestry
is the ringleader of that circus. All I have to do is show up.

Well it is paperwork time and laundry. Later I will get on line and check in with my 40-50 blogger buddies.

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