I have reached a dry spell: I don’t feel anything creative or thoughtful to write these days. Perhaps I am merely distracted with work and preparations to get out of the country in two weeks’ time. Perhaps the Muses went to Central America a few weeks ahead of me. Let’s hope the Fates went to Ohio rather than Costa Rica.

Yesterday for the first time it snowed in Phoenix!! It didn’t last long but it was snow – a wet heavy type (when you have lived in Michigan you can discriminate snow types like some discriminate fine coffee). It did not stick. It seemed apt for St. Agnes Day, traditionally the coldest month of the year.
Alas, the frost killed the potted pepper plants. Oh well. Time to grow new ones anyway. The tomato seeds germinated but the pepper seeds (so far) have not germinate.

Someone and I started walking this year. When we don’t get to the gym we go for a half hour walk after supper around the neighborhood. I enjoy these walks. My great aunt did this and lived well into her 90s. Walking is excellent for both mind and body.

We had a small Weather Channel Party to await Doug at Gossemer Tapestry’s interview. Doug, you were fabulous! Next time you get Jim Cantorri as the clown who interviewed thought butterflies ‘mammals”?? You handled that well!

In the next four weeks all sorts of events occur; we have our 10th year anniversary, we go to Costa Rica, my blog turns 1 years old in early February. I am also scoping out WordPress as so many people give + feedback on it. I am still figuring out how it works, prior to making a leap.

Claudius the cat is getting old. He sleeps a lot more and seems less active. I wonder if he has a sort of bereavement depression since Tiberius died last September. I wonder if he is lonely.

Now I have paperwork to do. Then I will stretch and read blogs.

Sleep well all, and dream of waterfalls and chocolate ice cream.