Yikes I have a truckload of notes to write tonight. I’ll have just enough time to eat some supper, go for a walk, do my paperwork, and go to sleep – only to wake up and do it all over again. I recall a Japanese film about a couple who live at the bottom of a sandy pit. Every day they have to evacuate the fallen sand that fell the previous night. Over and over repetition. So much of life is like that: the daily routine of the same.

So there is not much time to write this evening.

I recommend you go to Temporary Trouble Spots. Michael Guy recently posted an interview on a podcast. It was good to hear, not only to hear his cheery voice but to here his thoughtful exploration on what blogging means to him. It is inspirational to keep writing.

It reminded me one of the main reasons for starting my blog last February was a desire to write. I did not know what I would write, but I wanted to write something. So it did. The photos and the links/comments came later. Months later, people were actually reading my scribbles – and coming back too. Friendships blossomed: now I seem to be in a network of writers from all over, and all sizes/shapes and sexes.

As year #2 approaches next month, I hope to do more essay writing, and less recording of daily doings recording. We shall see. I don’t have a “Hari Selden plan” for this. In the style of traditional psychoanalysis, free association and expansion lead in time to Truth. What needs to come out will come out; no need to hurry it along.

May your sleep be sound this night – with dreams of fish and turtles from the deep sea