Today’s entry is to rave a bit. If I shock or offend I apologize ahead of time. I try not to be ugly or bitchy in these entries (lest I get phone calls from home). But it is therapeutic to get things expressed.

Rave 1#) Pills.
When did we become a nation so needy for pills? People want pills for this and that and they want more and more of them. Anything goes wrong in their life they call me for more medications. I make sure my patients know there are usually non medicine options to their treatment, or at least adjuncts. Few ever take these alternatives; fewer seem to clean up their habits/lives that contribute so much to their conditions.

On a different note, I am sick of taking my own medicines. But I would be a hypocrite to stop them.

Rave #2) Patients.
How do they expect me to help them when they continue to drink and smoke pot? I don’t have overt issues with alcohol or pot per se but I don’t have issues with sugar either – until you have diabetes. If you have complaints of lack of motivation, depression, no concentration, apathy and loss of sex drive – and smoke daily pot – I can’t fix you.
Dammit, they call it ‘dope’ not ‘smart’.

Rave #3) Politics.
I’m not going to even start.

Rave #4) Premiums.
Recently my liability insurance sent me a letter that had at least four incorrect statements therein. The main zinger was ‘you owe us 7000 dollars’ After a rollercoaster day of emotions it was finally cleared up that they were wrong but you would think that the insurance company would know what the hell they are insuring for in the first place. Bastards.

Rave #5) Plants
In our recent Arizona cold spell most of the outside shrubs and plants died of cold and frost.

Rave #6) Penguins.
The one on the television just exploded. Frightful mess.