Last evening I ‘made rounds’ on my blog reads. I visit ~ 50 on a regular basis. I try to look at them every day. I don’t always leave comment, particularly if time is limited. It cheers me to see new postings, particularly if the blogger isn’t one to post often. I usually read in the evening. Being on the west coast that often means I am ‘last in line’ to drop a comment at the more popular sites.

Last night Wednesday I did a foolish thing. I had an iced tea with my dinner. This broke one of my rules which is ‘no caffeine after 3PM”. I was wide awake at 1130PM and there was no sleep in sight. I was going to be up for awhile.
Four unexpected hours gave me an opportunity to read new blogs. I felt like Santa Claus, going from house to house while everyone was asleep. I left some comments– these writers who do not know me will be surprised to see me I suppose.
I first started with ‘friends of friends’, the blog names I keep seeing in the majority of links or comments of mutual friends. Some of these were very talented: some were cute as a bug: a few are very popular – one fellow seemed to average 20-30 comments per entry.
Then I got lost. I played a little game with myself. I would go to A, find a link there to a new person B, who would link to C, and so on. As each blog seemed to have a dozen or more links there was no lack of variability.
The further I traveled, the fewer names were recognized. My blogger buddies list  links, but as I wandered away Spo-Reflections was no longer mentioned.
I was in unfamiliar territory. They did not know me and I didn’t know them.

The journey gave me a sense of awe. I truly appreciated the ‘web’ of the WWW. I envision a huge three dimensional model with each person linked to his or her links and so on, in a large criss-crossed mesh with no boundaries. In an infinite universe, every point is the centre.
The Catholic Church believes in a concept called The Communion of Saints, where the Saints of heaven are all connected and interacting with each other. I wonder if our little blogging world is a taste of such.

Like a child who has gone too far away, I longed to be back in the familiar and comfortable. On my way home I was surprised to find one or two other ‘usuals’ were up and posting early this morning. I left a ‘first comment’ of the day, and finally got into bed. Part of sleeping well is the a sense of peace, things are well enough for you to go to sleep. Knowing 50 people (at least) out there who know and care about me lulled me to sleep.