I wanted to post this pitcher I made.

Last weekend our bear club Bears of the West hosted a fund raiser. It was at a store where you buy finished bits of pottery and paint them with glaze. Some of the proceeds went to ‘One in Ten’ which is a gay youth service centre here in Phoenix. It was a fun evening.
I purchased a plain pitcher and got five types of glaze – light blue, dark blue, purple, pink and green. These colours are a combination I learned from a psychic I visited in New Orleans. She said my aura was deficit in these colours and I should surround myself with more of them. Well, I don’t know about that, but I do happen to like this colour combination. One of my homemade shirts has these 5 hues and it makes me feel good to wear it, so perhaps she was accurate.
Rather than painting pictures, I took rough pieces of sea sponge and dabbed the colours onto the pitcher. Someone decorated a plate.
I am pleased at how it turned out. The pitcher has a ‘cool’ feeling to it, just right for holding ice water.