Recently I was reminded tGod has a sense of humor. I saw in consultation an 18yo woman, brought in (quite against her wishes) by her father, who was very concerned she had something the matter. It turns out she had some mild bipolar depression, but the real explanation of ‘what is the matter’ wouldn’t have gone over too well. They were concrete people, so my attempt to explain the dynamics would have fallen flat. I thought I would share them with you.

After the consultation I felt absolutely rotten. When emotions hit like this it is always a good sign to sit up and pay attention as to what went on. I figured it out. I was the victim of subtle psychology. The father, humble simple living man, devout in his religion, was making me feel miserable I was doing well/had money and I did not have his lot in life.  I remember a teacher calling it the Revenge of the Underdog; you are not allowed to kick a hurting dog but it is OK for him to bite you.
He had his convictions, but at the price of a joyless, know-nothing else attitude towards life. He had a sort of minimum wage from God, and in return gave up all the joys of life – joys God also made I must add.

Where is God’s joke in this? God gave him a daughter who wants the maximum. She wants to travel, go to school, see countries, and explore new ideas. She has talent to write and to make music. Father wants her content with his crust of bread; she is keen to attend Life’s banquet. Yes, she was mess (history of mood swings, street living, drugs etc.) but her path in Life will be to go forward, not back to the little world of married/at home/homeschooling children like her father wants her to be.

I’ll try to get her mood swings down to a dull roar, and get her to stop heroin. After that her Great Work begins.