1.Your oddest craving?
Olives stuffed with jalapenos.
2. The forbidden food?
No veal.
3. A dish that makes you queasy?
Cheesecake; it gets me quite nauseated.
4. Your least favorite food vegetable?
5. Your worst cooking disaster?
Once I tried to make a ‘daffodil bundt cake. It looked, smelled and tasted bad.
6. A Cooking exercise you don’t do well?
To this day I can’t make rice properly. It never turns out right.
7. Food that arouses the most suspicion?
Twinkies; what exactly is in them?
8. A drink you used to drink but no more?
Whole milk; I don’t do skim milk much either
9. Least favorite fast food chain?
Long John Silver’s; always makes me sick.
10. When in doubt, eat….
Boxed Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
11. A restaurant faux pas that would get you to speak up?
Cold food that is supposed to be hot.
12. Is there something spoiled in the fridge right now?
A cucumber is looking rather pruny with some white fuzz at one end.
13. Food you can’t buy as your spouse/partner won’t allow it in the house
Mayonnaise. He is quite adverse to even its mention.
14. Food your spouse/partner likes that you don’t like.
Chocolate mint ice cream.
15. Your least favorite type of cuisine?
I am not fond of Mandarin Chinese food; too bland
16. I food you hated as a child but now love?
Lots! Tomatoes being the biggest hate to love transformation.