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Wednesday last I met with Jason at “Let’s Say You’re Right”. He was delightful company. He was my first blogger to meet in person. Alas he is about to move; I wish him luck in the far off Kingdom of Ohio. 

Today is Good Friday. While many places are closed, our clinic stays open. Last year I threw a fit dissuaded the bosses from keeping the shoppe open on Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. I’ll go to Easter Vigil, which frees up Sunday morning for a fabulous brunch that only a queer can throw together.  I have a Bloody Mary mix recipe that is to die for. 

insanity1.jpgI am getting back to the gym or a daily walk. I want a flatter stomach and bigger limbs thank you very much. I am thinking of hiring a personal trainer as I do better with structure and discipline  

I promised a friend I would do her Tarot reading each week if she would do mine. However I am tired of hearing the variation on the theme “You will meet a strange person” which in my field is a very safe bet.  

A recent purchase at Pier 1 Imports is two air diffusers. These consist of ratten reeds inserted into bottles of fragrance. The scent slowly goes up the sticks and diffuses into the room. Although there are many flavors, mine make the house smell like Pier 1 Imports.  

After years of ‘no TV’ I am watching a series called “Slings and Arrows”. It takes place in a fictional Canadian Shakespeare theatre company. The majority of actors are the actors I see at Stratford, which a real Canadian Shakespeare theatre, so I wonder. I hope the show isn’t too accurate about a theatre company’s goings on. I am intrigued if even a fraction of the drama seen on the TV series happens in real life. Somebody is having a good laugh but I am not sure at whose expense.  

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