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apology.jpgThe Board of Directors Here at Spo-reflections would like to apologize again to every one in the world about yesterday’s entry. It was far, far too serious to write for a Monday morning. Also there were floods of emails from angry old people simultaneously complaining and wanting a senior discount. In penance Urspo has written a meme. It is complete nonsense and you won’t find a deep thought in it. Any further complaints from the AARP will be subjected to Generation X music. 

The Mistake Meme 

Were you a “mistake”?  No, I was not 

A mistake in grade school? Telling Miss Watkins my mother was coming to pick me up for an appointment at 2PM when it was really for 3PM. Sitting in the office at 230PM she came by – and caught me in the fib. She understandably did not trust me thereafter.  

A mistake in high School?  Not volunteering to be part of the HS theatre company. I would have enjoyed working back stage I think.  

A mistake in college?   Dating Jodi D. I led this ‘beard’ down a path that was to go nowhere. 

A mistake in dating?  Oh, lots of dating mistakes but I will say MB. MB turned possessive, and when I backed off, he got nasty. He tried to cut off our mutual friends and said mean things about me.    

A mistake made recently?  Forgetting to iron a black shirt for bell choir. I had to go to work in a black Polo shirt and risk arrest from the American Psychiatric Association Secret Police for not dressing to contemporary professional standards. 

A mistake this year? Going to Costa Rica may count -2 weeks out sick because of it.   

A mistake at the store? I recently bought a few belts – all too big. 

A mistake at the cinema?  Moulin Rouge – all the motion in it literally gave me nausea  A mistake at home? I forgot to pay a few bills on time last month. 

A mistake at work? Ongoing; the damn forms never get filled out right.  A mistake you think is in process? Discontinuing my fish oil supplements. Out of guilt for exploiting the sea (and worries about the potential contaminants) I am changing over to flax seed oil. Apparently this doesn’t have as much credibility towards cardiovascular care.  



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