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My trip to Wisconsin was a good one. It was nice to be back in familiar haunts. Even the drive to Oshkosh was comforting. I saw signs of early spring, and some drifts of snow leftover from the storm a few days ago. It felt like something new was starting after a long winter of dormancy.

On Saturday, I spread the ashes of the cat. I am glad to know Tiberius is on The Best Friend’s property, at the base of a willow, where pets of several generations lay buried. I was very glad the three people I associate with the cat helped to spread the ashes. Although the cat died last autumn I got rather tearful and melancholy at the event. People get awfully queer about their pets, and I am no exception.

The entire Wisconsin trip was a series of nostalgic visits to long time family, friends and places, and wonders about the future. After the spreading of the cat’s ashes, we walked towards the property of the house the Best Friend wants us to buy and develop into a B&B and an organic garden (oh to grow tomatoes again!). My thoughts and emotions on this walk are hard to put into words; a more skilled writer could capture the bittersweet thoughts.

The Best Friend’s notion is tempting. It would allow us to be near people dear to us, back in the Midwest, and out in the country. It would be a brave move on my part; a new chapter of life. The temptations to fold up medicine and try a B and B is stronger than ever.  Then ‘reality’ and fears kick in – how am I to start and run a business with no business experience? What happens next? So many questions and thoughts get conjured up as you bury something you love.

Tomorrow I go back to work. There will be desk load of messages and paperwork. The usual routine will start up again. But the lure of moving back ‘home’ to the
Midwest will linger.

I had a pleasant weekend. I hope yours was a good one.

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