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When a scheduled patient does not show for his or her appointment, this is called a ‘No Show’. I consider them godsends as they give me a breather to write prescriptions, return phone calls, and do other scut jobs. Once in a while, if there is nothing pressing, I can write a blog entry.  It also makes me look ‘busy’ so the house manager won’t frown.  I enjoy writing out my thoughts. I understand why some people become writers. The process of writing feels marvelous and satisfying. I asked myself on first day of blogging (2/08/06) ‘For whom am I writing this blog?” The question needs examination from time to time. I am writing for myself, but I would be fibbing if I said I write only for myself now.  I write sometimes with others in mind.  I sometimes write something thinking “X will enjoy this” or “Y will get a rise out of this one”. 

There are about a dozen ‘Spo-fans’ who regularly leave comment, for which I am grateful. As I enjoy reading comments left here; I try to leave comment whenever I read another’s blog. Only once in a while I read and don’t leave a comment. That is because sometimes I can not think of anything to add or say.   At last count, I have over 50 blogs on my list, and I hope they still visit me. A handful of my favorites have shut down or called it a day. A few stopped leaving comment, so I don’t know if they still read me or not. But, there are a few new folks coming around too. I am honored. My blogging buddies are changing.  So I try to be interesting. If you have guests over, you want to entertain them, right?

Meanwhile, I wait for Doug of Gossemer Tapestry to stop by. He is in Arizona, chasing butterflies. The poor sod picked the wrong weekend. It is 60 degrees here – and 70 or so back in the Midwest.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

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