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I like to make lists; here are all the journals that I try to read each week. 

Archives of General Psychiatry Full of neurochemistry and research brain scans. Intriguing but not very useful dealing with Dickie Purdie’s depression.  ajp.gifThe American Journal of Psychiatry – much more practical, and since they started putting photos on the green cover I can remember where things were.  

Psychiatric Annals – a ‘throwaway’ journal. That means you get it free (somehow) and skim through it, and toss it.   American Medical News – the AMA’s paper; it has more gloom and doom than a truckload of Norwegians.  

Psychiatric Times – the ‘Cosmopolitan’ for shrinks.  

Current Psychiatry – very practical and useful for usual conditions. It is written for residents, but I read it as it has straightforward ‘what to do’ advice. 

Journal of Clinical Psychiatry – my favorite, as it is useful, scientific and relevant.  Plus I look so cool carrying it around at lunchtime.  And  

JAMA – most patients know about its contents I week before I get it as the contents are leaked to the media. I get to read ‘what it really was about’. Sometimes the discrepancy is vast. 

Dr. Weil – patients expect me to know about complementary medicine. It is the place I know to go for such data. 

Reader’s Digest – half my little old ladies get their medical/psychiatric information from this magazine, so I better be on top of it.  

Wine Spectator – every issue has an article about ‘drinking wine = good for you”. Lots of drinkers use this to justify their habit of couple bottles/night. I read it to clarify the study was about 1 glass/night and with an “N” of 3. So there.  


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