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insanity2.jpgLast weekend I potted my pepper and tomato seedlings. 6 tomato plants went directly into the Arizona ground for an experiment. One of my garden gurus insists tomatoes do not need good soil (being in the Nightshade family). We shall see. Last time I worried so about them drying up in the heat. The irony was the tomatoes drowned – during an Arizona monsoon. 

 insanity2.jpgI was getting too casual in dress at work as of late (this being Arizona) but I am trying to get back into white shirts and (bow)ties. I forgot a basic human principle people treat you better if you dress better.  

I learn our upcoming Phoenix Bear Party weekend will have for its guest of honor one of the original members of the Village People! I don’t recall which one we get. I must be prepared for the ‘shock’ of seeing someone I recall from a 1970s album cover. I suspect he’s aged, no?  

We purchased a small clay bird feeder shaped like St. Francis, holding a cup for the birdseed.   Some theatre events<There are a series of upcoming plays for which we have tickets. “Pillowman” AKA “Pillowtalk” and  “I am my own wife” AKA “I own my wife”. Has anyone seen these plays?  This weekend we go to the cinema – to hear an opera! Apparently the Met does simulcasts on the large screen. It is ‘Il Trittico”. It may be odd to sit in an opera and eat popcorn. I tend to get motion sickness with large screened movies; I wonder if that will happen with the Met? Also coming up – Loreena McKennitt is coming to town!  I am looking forward to viewing the audience, which I suspect will be a mixture of pagans, new-agers, and displaced Canadians gleeful and wild they can get a ticket (‘we can’t see her at home!”) 

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