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hourglass.jpg1AM – In which time zone do you live?Arizona Time which means ‘no daylight savings’ so we are half time on Mountain, half on Pacific. It is rather confusing.

2 AM  – What time do you get up in the morning? 5:30 in the morning. To water the plants and get on the road before the traffic gets too bad.

3 AM – Is there are time of day that is your favorite? The hours between 7-10PM. Down time!!

4AM – A ‘waste of time’ for you is…In Phoenix, one has to drive everywhere; add plenty of driving time to all activities here.

5AM – Do you have a favorite timepiece? “Aunt Marion’s clock’. She was my great-grandfather’s brother’s wife. A very old clock indeed. It chimes the quarter hours; the sound is very comforting to me.

6AM – What has been the best time of your life so far? The late 90s, when I met Someone and started a life with him.

7AM – If you could save time in a bottle, you would….Spend more time with my hobbies, such as genealogy and practicing my music.

8AM – I have no time for….Phone systems that have me press this/press that options. I want a real person!

9AM – This takes you more time than the usual person to do…Paying bills and balancing the chequebook. I get distracted and confused quickly. Nothing seems to balance the first time.

10AM – What time in history would you go to visit?I would like to see
England during the Elizabethan age.

11AM – What was the worst time of your life?1988-89, my internship year, a very painful and depressing time. I try not to count this year as part of my life.

12PM – For a good time, I do the following…. Writing, cooking, reading, and some other things I won’t write out…

Anyone care to take some time to do your own time meme?

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