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I grew up in the Midwest, which by my definition means having no accent = boring = no sex appeal. Some of the northern Midwest accents with Scandinavian slants are fun to hear, but don’t inspire sexy (oh, ya, you betcha).  When I am not thinking about it or when I talk with excitement, my Canadian roots show up. Father’s mother’s side came from Canada, from the Goderich/Sarnia area. We grew up in Detroit, and Canada (south of us) was closer than any Ohio. We grew up with the CBC; we went to Ontario for holidays. This gives me an ‘ou’ that comes out as ‘oo’. ‘About’ sounds more like ‘aboot’ (my father’s phone calls all end with “Well, that’s aboot it”). Brother #2 when living in Boston was sometimes asked “Are you from Canada?”/ While I find many accents charming and even sexy, the Canadian accent sounds more like relatives, who are neither.  

Most Midwesterners (admitted or not) presume a person with a Southern accent = hillbilly. I know better; having shared lodgings with a gent from Wilmington, NC. His mother invited me to their beach house on the promise the sand was very ‘wide’ that time of year (the tide was out?) She meant of course the beach was ‘white’. Through his network of displaced southerners I learned to discriminate the various Southern drawls. At one time I could tell a Northern Mississippi from South Mississippi. I recall one Southern accent was especially lovely: maybe from the Carolinas? However, without ongoing exposure to Southern accents, they have all gone back to merely “Southern”.  

I find some accents so wonderful a fellow from these parts need only read the telephone book out loud and it sounds sexy. British, Irish, and Dutch accents push buttons for me (must be my Celtic blood). 

Well, that’s aboot it.

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