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People have asked about the ‘8 psychological types’ of Jungian theory. This theory of ‘personality types’ is one of his most recognized and popular ideas. Actually it was a concept he did not emphasize or take further. This theory was only relevant to him as to how an individual would respond to archetypal images in analysis. But people find ‘the 8 types” interesting and useful. They are somewhat fun as well, like having your horoscope cast. In 1921 he purchased a paper on Psychological types. These consist of 2 ‘attitudes’ and 4 ‘functions’. 4 x 2 = 8 psychology types. The two Attitudes are how you relate to the world.

An introvert attitude is motivated from within and directed by inner, subjective factors.

An extrovert attitude is motivated from the outside and directed by external, objective factors.

Extroverts and Introverts tend to misunderstand each other and find the other way ‘awful’.

The 4 functions are the ways how people experience the world. Everyone has some of the four – Thinking, Feeling, Intuition, and Sensation – but most have a ‘superior’ function that is their primary, conscious function.

Here are the 8 ‘types’ – can you find yourself in one of them?

Extrovert Thinking– they are ‘interested in reality’, order, and material things; they make good scientists and economists. Think of Marx or Darwin.

Introvert Thinking– they formulate questions to seek understanding of being; they tend to neglect the world for the own ideas; make good philosophers

Extrovert Feeling– concerned with personal and social success, they can be surprising, moody and begin/end relationships quickly; they are the celebrities. Think Madonna

Introvert Feeling– ‘still waters run deep’ types; involved in poetry and the arts Think of Chopin or a group of monks.

Extrovert Sensation– they seek pleasures through the five senses; the affable enjoyers of life. Casanova types.

Introvert Sensation-the Aesthete, who feed on sense impressions and immerse themselves in their own inner sensations.

Extrovert Intuition– unconscious insight keep them on the scent of future novelty; adventurers. Make for good PR people but not the best of ‘long term stability’ in personal relationships.

Introvert Intuition – mystics and poets that follow an inner vision; they see themselves as misunderstood geniuses, struggling with a unique experience. William Blake types.

Different types frequently seek each other out and marry or partner up, each consciously relying on the other to take care of his or her inferior function. Same-type unions double up their superior functions and increase the weakness of the inferior function. “We are both extroverted intuitives! We are having a great time and we both have trouble paying the rent!”

FYI – I am an introvert, strong in feeling and intuition.


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