Today is the first of May. In pagan calendars, it is the first day of the summer time. Back in the Midwest, I wouldstart the melons and cucumber seeds indoors in little peat pots. I miss growing melons.

Here are the personal goings-on for the merry month of May:

Someone got a new job. It is a job that allows us to stay in Arizona rather than move to California or New York. With that settled, we may buckle down to do some decorating/painting.

There are several theatre events to see, some plays and a concert – Loreena McKennitt will be in town.

This weekend is the local Bear Club ‘Fur-fest’ at a local hotel. Last year we volunteered to man booths, watch tables, and drive the van between bars. This year we go as participants. I hope to have a nice time, and meet some people. Apparently out-of-towners come in for this one. We shall see.

My mother and brother #4 have birthdays. I won’t tell you their ages but it makes me feel old to think my baby brother is in his 30s!

We don’t go anywhere for Memorial Day weekend. I hope to do some cooking. I will again pursue the ultimate BBQ sauce. A friend sent me a jar of something call “Bone Sucking Sauce’ which was delicious; I think I can incorporate some of its ingredients into my evolving Ur-spo Sauce. Stay tuned.