Someone started his new job this week. It has a lot of advantages over the previous job. We are both excited and hopeful it is an improvement in job satisfaction for him. The down side of this new job is it involves a lot of travel. He likes to travel, and he does well on business trips, so this in itself isn’t too bad. At an earlier time in our relationship he did this for a previous job in Michigan, so it is not novel either. He will be ‘on the road’ a great deal in the next year. I hope we don’t get too lonely for each other.

madness.jpgIt makes me think about Solitude. Some people loathe being by themselves. I rather enjoy it. Introverted people like me feel at home with(in) themselves. Even at an early age I recall looking forward to the weekends, not to do a lot of social things but to be by myself. I like the quiet of solitude. In the noise of 21st century, having little or no noise around me feels therapeutic. I play less background music nowadays.

Solitude is a time for reading, writing, or merely thinking. I like to think. My brain tends to dart around like a hummingbird: giving it free reign is jolly good fun. My favorite places to do this are the back porch or sitting in the hot tub, looking up at the stars.  Stargazing is a marvelous time to be thoughtful.

I will miss him when he is away.

Meanwhile, I can practice my meditation and stretches and tackle that pile of books.

And, as Mary Haine’s mother says, “It is marvelous to be able to spread out in bed like a swastika”.