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hedghog.jpgNative Americans of the Pacific Northwest identify themselves and their clan with a totem animal. “I am from the Raven clan” or “Bear clan” etc. Apparently my ‘totem animal’ is the hedgehog.

In high school I took art courses, thinking I would become an illustrator for Walt Disney. In one class I had to come up with a quick signature cartoon character. Being a Monty Python fan, I liked “Spiny Norman”, who is a giant hedgehog. So I drew my own, a hedgehog – and it stayed with me. People associated me with hedgehogs. When people get wind of this sort of thing you get gifts “I hear you like hedgehogs, so here is a (ceramic, glass, stuffed etc.) hedgehog for you”. I have a drawer full of stuffed animal hedgehogs. I have hedgehogs made of every material.

The only hedgehog item I have ever bought is a rubber stamp.

Hedge-pigs are appealing as they are earthy creatures; they root around in the ground, which I enjoy doing. They can crawl into a ball with their soft belly in and their quills on the outside; a nice metaphor. They have a comical edge, reading about them as croquet balls in Alice in Wonderland.

Hardly butch, but one doesn’t choose one’s totem.

Do you have a “totem animal”?

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