This blog entry is different that I am not typing! Rather, I am using dictating software. I wear a fancy headphone and I watch my words form on the screen as I talk.This may be “old hat” to many of you, but for me this is novel.

One of the limitations of my job is my decision to type all my notes. Most doctors scribble them out by longhand. As a consequence they are mostly scribbles and no good to anyone but the person who wrote them. They are no good for a colleague.

In an evaluation, patients don’t conveniently tell me the things I want to know in the order I want them to tell. Rather, they jump around and I have to fill in the blanks here in there on my scratch pad. Afterwards I have to type all this up. If I have many evaluations to do in a day, this leaves me with the large amount of paperwork to do. I cannot tell you how many hours after work and on weekends that I have typed evaluations longing to be doing something else.

Now, I zip right along, and it apparently types as fast as I can talk. My evaluations shall be more loquacious, detailed, and fabulous too. I cannot demonstrate you all the fancy bells and whistles that allow me to go back and edit my words or insert words merely by telling the computer to do so. There is a term I have to tell the computer to tell it to go into a sort of slumber when I am not dictating. Then, when I want to have the computer work again I tell it to literally wake up.

So, I hope that my professional life gets a little easier to do and frees me up with some free time. It will take some time to practice all the commands.