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Someone and I leave for Flagstaff this weekend. I have mixed feelings about such Pride events. It is getting harder to emphasize ‘pride’ these days, as so much of Pride events are commercial endeavors or massive drinking parties. I am glad the commercial tents are not ashamed to be there, but it seems they are there primarily to make money, and not lend support. One friend stopped going to Pride festivals on the explanation she already has T-shirts, an attorney, a telephone service, magazine subscriptions and a time share. Nor does she want more soap or new water bottle.

I will be a glorified cocktail waitress, I am certain to see folks ‘celebrating pride and diversity’ by being obnoxious and drunk.

Nevertheless, to go somewhere without shame or guilt is vital the soul. I hope we are celebrate this weekend what we should be doing every day of the year: being out, true ourselves, and not ashamed. That is pride.
I will go. I will contribute. I will be grateful for the ones before me who were brave and made this possible. I will remember the dead. I will give money any good causes. The great work continues.

And I will serve cocktails.

“And what can I get you, my dear?”

Have a good weekend my dear, dear buddies in blog-land.

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