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With all honor and respects to Mr. Spider!

Strength and health karma directed towards Florida!

We had a great time in Flagstaff.

The B&B where we stay is very pleasant. It is in an old house that resembles my grandparents’ home. Being there makes me feel very safe and happy. I get some of my best sleep in this B&B.

I wore comfortable tennis shoes (the come f*ck me pumps were deemed not practical) and a Volunteer Yellow T-Shirt and proceeded to do the evening shift at the beer counter. Someone kept the cups filled; I took tickets and fetched orders. I was teamed with a younger woman named Sissy (there is some irony!)
Sissy turned out to be a chick-magnet. All the lesbians came to our stall. I think the sex ratio was 5:1. I got to see lesbian-cruising first hand. They are not subtle. And the drunk ones were even less so. Several times “Ms. Birkenstock” would approach the booth, I would say “can I help you?” to get a  “No, I want her!”

One man had his roll of tickets hanging out of his backside like a tail. He would turnaround and bend over for me to rip off the appropriate amount of tickets for his drink order. He came around often, so either I was being cruised or I am an enabler.

We weren’t allowed to drink while volunteering. Being sober around drunks is sometimes tedious, sometimes comical. Last night was the later. Five men would order their drinks, form a huddle, and stand there for hours, swaying and drinking and hugging each other. Once in a while one would break ranks to get fresh drinks.

We ran out of mixed cocktails early (what does that say?). One supervisor had the inspiration to mix whatever was at hand and call it Pride-punch. It was a bigger hit than what was on the menu.

Afterwards, we were very tired, and came home early. The plumbing in our room’s bathroom turned out to be faulty, and there was billowing steam throughout the room.
That night I had a nightmare that I was bitten by a rattlesnake; it woke us both up.

So we are home safe and sound – while we watch the Tony’s I hope to catch up on my blog reading. I hope everyone has a good week.

P.S- my stat counter turns 15,000 soon; how amazing!

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