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I’m enjoying my dictation software. The time I used to spend typing notes is compacted into a fraction of the usual. It is fun to watch words magically show up on the screen. I still have to practice proper pronunciation. I’m still learning the various voice commands to erase mistakes. Jolly good fun!

I hired a personal trainer. She is an energetic young woman, I guess somewhere in her 20s. She must have been a cheerleader. She is very sweet, and she inspires to keep going. I think she’ll be good for me to get my goals met. I hope to flatten my stomach and enlarge my thighs and biceps and improve my cardiovascular system. In short I want to be a stud-muscle-god in shape. Time will tell.

The tomatoes in containers seem to be doing okay. The ones in the hot Arizona ground look iffy. There are signs of little yellow flowers, so I have hopes of getting some fruit. The heat is coming on, which can thwart pollen. The hot pepper plants are doing okay of course We decided to get a new house keeper.

The woman who cleans our house came highly recommended by a neighbor when we first moved here. Maria speaks no English. Although the neighbor speaks Spanish, he moved away, and left us in the predicament we can’t communicate with our housekeeper. Not being able to communicate with your housecleaner is one issue. The main reason she’s going – she has broken a few things. I’m sure she does not intentionally break the objects d’art, but she could leave a note of acknowledgment or apology.So we’re going to have one of our bear club members clean the house instead of her.

I read over 60 blogs. This can be time consuming, particularly if there are frequent postings. I enjoy reading every one of them and I like to leave comments, but sometimes I am limited to just a quick comment. I thought of cutting back, but a gentleman should always leave his calling card, no?

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