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I don’t usually go around flaunting my professional title. In life, I don’t insist people call me doctor. So long as they don’t call me late for dinner. At the end of the day I hang up my stethoscope (as it were) and become myself. Every once in a while it becomes useful, is not necessary, to flex my medical muscles.

Recently, I called my primary care physician to get a prescription refill on my blood pressure medicine. Like a good patient should do, I gave him 2 days heads up. However, within this time the prescription hadn’t been called in. I had one or two pills left over and I was able to get through the weekend without having a stroke. By Monday, I called again and still no prescription. I called the clinic as “Spo” and asked the prescription be called in today. This was beginning to bug me and my diastolic blood pressure was rising for a couple of reasons — I was upset and off medicine.

If I did this to my own patients, they would give me holy hell.

Sure enough; no prescription at Walgreen’s at the end of the day.

So this time I called the clinic back and said this is “Dr. Ur-Spo”, emphasizing the word doctor. I need to talk to the doctor. Rather than getting the usual BS, the receptionist said right away sir, and connected us immediately.

I explained the situation: within five minutes the prescription was called in.

Sometimes it’s good to be King.

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