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Someone is away for 5 days on a business trip.

homealone1.jpgSo I am Home Alone.

During these times I do more ‘individual’ things; activities that I normally don’t do as much as when there are the two of us.

Some examples:

I play certain CDs he doesn’t enjoy.

I practice the piano, going over certain parts until they are improved. When I practice I often talk/curse at the page. (This drives me to distraction, imagine having to listen to such!)

I read and meditate a bit more.

I do some Spanish lessons. (Jetzt haben wir auBer auf Deutsch!)

If the TV is on at all, it is turned to The Weather Channel.

Meals are simpler in their content; more macaroni and cheese based dishes. Spaghettios on really lazy nights.

And sometimes I transfer to the guest room bed, as it is smaller and feels more cozy for just one person.

Otherwise Home Alone doesn’t alter me much. I still water the plants and dictate progress notes and walk around at night time in only a T-shirt and underwear and check email and keep on top of the laundry (I make twice a much laundry).

So, it is Survey Time!!!
What do you do differently when you spouse or apartment mate is away?

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