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Good Dr. Quest tagged me to write out 8 statements about myself.

It is nice to know after nearly two years of near daily writing I haven’t run out of tidbits about myself!

I) I can not whistle.

II) I do not know what Mrs. George Bush looks like. I doubt I could pick her out in a ‘line up’.

III) When growing up, all the dogs (schnauzers) were named Hans. Hans I, II, III, and IV. Kind of like royalty.

IV) I am fearful of a mob, as everyone therein can burn down a building and state they did not do it.

V) I have a mild addiction to pepper. I use a lot of it on just about everything. And food without it tastes bland. I get my peppercorns from

VI) I’ve spent the first half of my life taking conservative and safe routes, motivated by fear of the unknown and the uncertain. In my middle age I am learning the wisdom of going by intuition to stop things and get out when something feels ‘wrong’ – and let Providence take care. The nice thing about an unknown path is it is never marred by my expectations.

VII) I was born on the 7th day, of the 7th month, at 7AM, weighing 7lb

VIII) I am avoiding reading “The Pickwick Papers” by Charles Dickens as it is the only major work of his I have left to read. After that there is no more.

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