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pastajar.jpgIt is the primal scream of children everywhere they will turn into their parents. I am fortunate I like my parents, so my emotional reaction to becoming either parent is to giggle, rather than cringe.

Like a tomato, I seem to be a perfect hybrid of both mother and father. While I look, sound, and fidget like my father, I seem to have the habits and interests of my mother. My fondness for music, the opera, and feeding the birds come from her. Lately another trait was realized– there are eight jars of pasta sauce on the pantry shelf.

When we were children there were always seemed to be several jars of pasta sauce in the cupboard. I thought it silly. On grocery store trips, she would always make sure to buy a few more. ‘But mom, you have some at home already!’ I didn’t see the point of having so many jars. And I thought she should use what she had, prior to obtaining more. I even made a conscious decision to have only 1 or 2 at a time, and not buy more until they are used.

Coming home from Safeway. I unloaded my 3 jars of sauce only to find I had 5 already.

Oh well. No point in resistance. Better to laugh at the hubris of difference.  Just so long as I don’t start reading Harlequin Romance novels. 🙂

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