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Spo-fans recall I hired a personal trainer. So far this experience has me feeling awful. To give the trainer her credit, her workouts are strenuous. However, my whole body aches for days after one of these sessions. I hope this is merely from being out of shape and not due to aging.

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The hoped for “After” photojack3.jpg

There are no overt plans for the rest of June, but July has lots of weekend trips;

Canada (for theatre, tea and Tim Horton’s)

Western Michigan (a family reunion)

Santa Fe (to visit friends and hear the opera)

Tucson, AZ (to visit DougT, who will be in town, scrounging for bugs)

We won’t be home on any weekend in July. Being in Phoenix in July is no fun anyway. I am sure to write about each one in their time.

I am listening to a lecture series on Energy Anatomy. Non-Western medicine and alternative theories/treatments are intriguing. I am learning what is a chakra and how they relate to health. It is fascinating stuff; it requires me to think of the body/health in a very different way than my training. If I can grasp the concepts and convey them without sounding silly, I will write about some of the concepts.

There seems to be less room at work for new patients. This is a good thing as ‘follow up appointments’ are easier to do/write up than a new patient. I hope to get a full dance card enough to put up the ‘no vacancy’ sign. That would be nice. It is challenging enough to treat whom I have already.

Spo-Fans recall I wrote about Brother#2 buying a haunted house. They are moving in soon. So far no sign of spooks or the uncanny or voices saying ‘Get out!”. Perhaps the ghosts are plotting something. Perhaps the noise of the workmen and my two nephews drove the ghosts away. As the nephews are wildly eager to encounter a ghost, I suspect this discourages spirits. My understanding of ghosts is they don’t like a waiting, appreciative audience much.

I’ll keep you posted.

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