I am feeling very glum today. I didn’t keep tabs on my energies very well, and as a consequence work sucked me dry and I am in the doldrums.
There were too many vampires at work this week.

Here are some things that cheer me up when I am despondent:

1. Watch the Marx Brothers

2. Make and consume a whole box of macaroni and cheese (not often done)

3. Stretch or do some yoga

4. Get my back scratched.

5. Eat bacon (also not often done)

6. Read a favorite chapter from a favorite book. Reading something from the “The Ruby Anne Boxcar’s Trailer Park Cookbook” , or “The Phantom Tollbooth” or “Bachelor Brothers Bed and Breakfast” always gets a smile out of me.

7. Call The Best Friend. He is this shrink’s shrink.

8. I’ll leave this one blank lest my relatives are reading.

9. Play favorite CDs and lip synch.

10. Brew a pot of tea. The process of making and consuming tea is always a delight.

Yet this week has been really depleting and none of these usual tonics are efficacious.

So, what do you do when you need cheering up?

Please tell me about something that is uplifting for you.