First of all I wanted to thank every one of you who left comments this week of cheer and comfort. I appreciate it so! I am swamped at work – too busy to read my 60 (!) favorite blogs; I will catch up this weekend. Meanwhile, here is a piece I wrote earlier this month but did not get around to posting it. See you soon!   OOXX Ur-Spo

June is my favorite month, or was – back in the Midwest.  I suppose the excitement of June originated in the joy of the ‘end of school’. June meant the beginning of summer time vacation, which were timeless then.

There is so much light and sunshine in June. The weather is warm but not yet too hot or too humid. And the summer feels fresh and new.

On occasion there is a thunderstorm, the type that roll in from the west with ominous rumbles and clouds so dark they are green.

My gardens began to grow; there was so much potential there. The ‘heat loving’ things like tomatoes, melons, and peppers started to thrive.

 June heralded the start of vacation plans – or the lack thereof. Remember when ‘spending the summer” meant bumming around for weeks at a time? There were trips ‘up north’ in Michigan. We had a place in Charlevoix, Michigan. This allowed my boat loving family to enjoy Lake Michigan. For supper, there were Michigan cherries and the first watermelon of the season. And there was fresh, newly caught whitefish.  I always wanted to see the sun set into the lake.

I want my ashes spread on the shores of Lake Michigan at a sunset, by a lighthouse.

On these holidays ‘up north’, I was fascinating by the night time with its fireflies and suggestions of spirits in the woods. When very young I once put out a bowl of milk, hoping the Fairy Folk would visit, and see it as a welcome gesture. The next morning the milk was gone. I was pleased that I had attracted Fairies.

And apparently I still do.

June in Chicago meant the start of the Ravinia season. This is the summer residence of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. My friend Paula and I would pack a supper and large blanket to picnic out on the lawns. People pay more for sitting in the amphitheater, but this seemed silly. There was no greater joy than falling asleep to live music, under the night time sky. There was always a bottle of wine, usually something light like a Sauvignon Blanc or a Riesling.
As the sunset, people lit candles; the lawn would be dotted with light.

As the CSO played I would lie back, and look up into the sky through the branches of the trees, as I fell asleep to the music.

Mendelssohn’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ is now associated with June and summer.

I play it always in June, not unlike waiting for Christmas to play the Christmas carols.

July and August have their own splendors but June is the best month of the year.